Physical Mental Social
Power Brawn Smarts Atmosphere
Finesse Skill Awareness Swagger
Defense Vitality Vigor Cool

Physical Stats

Brawn (power)
Brawn is the measurement of your physical strength and raw force of punching and stuff.
Used to:

  • Resolve attacking and damaging with Melee Weapons
  • Determine Jump Score
  • Determine Carry Limit (along with Vitality)
  • Resolve Strength Based Activities (ex. lifting a gate, bending something unbendable, scaring people with your vascularity)

Skill (Finesse)
Skill is the measurement of how agile and dexterous you are, as well as how sick your moves are.
Used to:

  • Resolve attacking and damaging with Ranged Weapons
  • Determine Dodge Defense
  • Determine Speed (along with size)
  • Resolve dexterity based activities (ex. riding a horse, doin flips and shit.)

Vitality (Defense)
Vitality is the measurement of your vitals… No, not those ones, your stamina… No, not that kind of stamina…
Used to:

  • Determine Immunity Defense
  • Determine Hit Points (HP)
  • Determine Carry Limit (with Strength)
  • Resolve constitution based activities (ex. running a marathon, eating the worlds largest pizza.)

Mental Stats

Smarts (Power)
Smarts is the measurement of how big your brains are bro. Also includes magical aptitude and whatnot.
Used to:

  • Resolve attacking and damaging with Magic
  • Determine Mageye Level (with Awareness)
  • Determine Mana Pool (MP) (with Vigor)
  • Resolve intelligence based activities (ex. studying some ancient carvings, book smarts your nerd.)

Awareness (Finesse)
Awareness is the measurement of how perceptive you are. It also gives you Mageyes, making it easier to find portals and omens.
Used to:

  • Resolve Spot Checks
  • Determine Mageye Level (with Smarts)
  • Determine Alertness Score (with Vigor)
  • Resolve perception based activities (ex. _reading fineprint, seeing far into the distance)

Vigor (Defense)
Vigor is the measurement of your mental fortitude. The higher it is, the better your mind and body can fend of mental and otherworldly intruders. Wheres the fun in that?
Used to:

  • Determine Resolve Defense
  • Determine Will Power (WP) (GM note: sanity resource)
  • Determine Alertness Score (with Awareness)
  • Resolve mental resolve based activities (ex. resisting mind control, resisting a piece of pie.)

Social Stats

Atmosphere (Power)
Atmosphere is used to measure your physical appearance and how you carry yourself and apply your good looks in social situations. You can’t breathe underwater with this skill, but you’re welcome to try.
Used to:

  • Resolve Power rolls in an Argument
  • Determine Appearance Score
  • Determine Charisma (with Swagger and Cool)
  • Resolve appearance based activities (ex. looking damn good. really, that’s kinda it. Way more important that it sounds tho, looks can get you anywhere.)

Swagger (Finesse)
Used to:

  • Resolve Finesse rolls in an Argument
  • Determine Charm Score
  • Determine Charisma (with Atmosphere and Cool)
  • Resolve dialogue based activities (ex. coerce information)

Cool (Defense)
Used to:

  • Determine Temperament Defense (Temper)
  • Determine Self Assurance (SA)
  • Determine Charisma (with Atmosphere and Swagger)
  • Resolve rolls to keep your calm (ex. stand your ground)

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