The Delvers

The Delvers are registered dungeon divers. Without a license, the Watch is just likely to throw your ass in jail for looting, but a Delvers license (and with it, rep within the Delvers) is nearly a free pass to be an amoral, antisocial, psychopath (within reason).

To most, the Delvers are considered a necessary evil. Few are crazy enough to chase monsters and brave trap-filled dungeons. Of the ones that ARE crazy, the few who survive the experience dont always have their wits about them.

Goals: Close all dungeons, kill all monsters, take all loot
Peers: No one actually likes the Delvers, more like fear and awe
Rivals: The Illuminati, The Heroes Guild, The Watch
Enemies: Monsters, The Villains Guild, NPCs(useless wretched masses)

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The Delvers

The Delvers Skull_mann